Winter Garden Mosquito Control

Our Winter Garden mosquito control services are safe your entire family including pets. Clean Air Mosquito Control provides natural pest control servicing customers in Windermere. Our tick and mosquito control products are not just effective; they’re safe! We want you to enjoy your outdoor space without the worry of pests.

Winter Garden Natural Tick and Mosquito Control

Traditional pest control chemicals used for ticks and mosquitos have the potential to harm humans (especially kids) and pets. While they kill the targeted bugs, they can also kill much-needed pollinators like honey bees and even birds, which help keep our ecosystem balanced. These highly toxic chemicals can cause a host of dangerous problems and illnesses, from skin burns to cancer, with many others in between.

Another challenge of traditional pesticides and chemicals in pets and mosquito control is resilience and adaptation. Over time, bugs and insects adapt to the chemicals we use on them, making them less and less effective because as they develop a resistance. Eventually, conventional treatments are ineffective on the adapted pest but still brings the same harm to us, our pets and the environment.

Natural tick and mosquito control (and other pests too) is the healthy option that works. To make the choice of using Clean Air Mosquito Control, you are Helping to keep the people who live and work around these areas: you and your family, your pets, and the people who work in the pest control industry healthy.

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Winter Garden Mosquito Control

Mosquitos are big, aggressive and plentiful in Florida. Also, mosquito season is a year round thing. When living in the sate it is important to be informed about these pests and to keep yourself, family and pets protected. In addition to being annoying, several of the mosquito species found in Florida are capable of transmitting diseases. Those who get bit by a mosquito carrying disease will start to get symptoms 2 -14 days after. Kids are most likely to have more severe illness. If you have a strange headache or fever after a mosquito bite, it’s best seek medical attention. There is more information from the department of health, here.

We use a garlic and cedarwood based solution. Garlic is toxic to mosquitos in large concentrations and the odor of our natural mosquito control keeps them out of your lawn. This odor is not detectable by humans minutes after it had been sprayed. But as mosquitos can sense odors 10,000 times better than humans, they keep out for about a month and sometimes longer. In addition, our natural mosquito control formula contains oils that plug any holes from which larvae use to breathe. This prevents new mosquitos from hatching in your yard.

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Winter Garden Tick Control

Ticks are subtle and cam be very small – they can feed on their host for a long time without you knowing they are there. That’s why it’s important to do a tick check on yourself, pets and others yo may be with frequently after enjoying the outdoors. You should also understand how to properly remove a tick so that if you find one that has attached to you or someone you love, you can remove it entirely.

Reducing and eliminating ticks in your yard is an important step to staying safe from ticks and tick-borne diseases. Conventional yard treatments to eliminate ticks can include harmful chemicals that not only kill ticks but can be a danger to you and your family. The best way to stay protected is with natural products.

We Rid Of Other Pests, Too!

Our product’s main base is cedarwood and garlic. The oil in cedar is also a natural repellent for cockroaches, termites, beetles, fleas, silverfish, flies moths and ants. Garlic will also help keep bunnies away from your garden while repelling slugs, aphids, whiteflies, ticks, fleas, moles, Japanese beetles and more.

Natural can be both safe and effective. If you’re also looking for organic lawn care, visit Clean Air Lawn Care to learn more.

If you are in the Windermere Florida area and want a safer way to control ticks and mosquitos, contact us today for a free quote.