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Choosing a company that uses natural products for Roswell mosquito control and tick control isn’t just safer, it’s smarter. Pests are very resilient. If you apply traditional pest control chemicals on your property, you may be fighting a losing battle. Pests build a resistance to these chemicals after being exposed over and over. Those that survive the treatment pass along their resistance to their offspring and the chemicals will not work on the new pests.

Clean Air Mosquito Control provides safe, effective, natural pest control to residents and businesses in Roswell. We are proud to offer safe, effective mosquito and tick control services. It’s better for you, your family and pets, and is also safe for the birds and bees.

Roswell Tick Activity

Our warm, sunny Georgia climate isn’t just perfect for growing peaches and Vidalia onions, it creates an ideal breeding ground for ticks. Common ticks in Georgia include the American Dog Tick, the Lone Star Tick, and the Deer Tick (or “Black-legged tick).

The Lone Star Tick is one that is more aggressive at looking for their host and will attach themselves to most any animal or person. The American Dog Tick prefers dogs, as its name suggests, but will latch on to humans or other larger animals, too. Finally the Black-legged Tick, this is a smaller, plain looking species that also will choose most any host.

It is important to remember to preform regular tick checks on yourself and pets, especially if you spend a lot of time outside, in outdoor recreational areas, or wooded locations. If you find a tick, learn how to properly remove it. If you have been bitten, it is always good to get checked out by a doctor.

To keep ticks out of your property, go natural. Stay away from chemicals that could harm your family, pets and habitat around your home. Natural tick control is safe and effective.

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Roswell Mosquito Control

Roswell’s humid, subtropical climate makes it an ideal breeding ground for mosquitoes. There are more than 60 different species of mosquitoes in Georgia. They begin activity and eggs start hatching once the temperatures reach 50 degrees consistently. March and April are when you will notice mosquito activity pick up.

Roswell Mosquito ControlAlthough Roswell is in the northern region, and not as hot as the southern cities in Georgia, it is still very important to prepare for mosquito season. One way to do this is by removing standing water sources from your property and choose a natural solution to kill larvae, pupae and adult mosquitoes.

Traditional products used to kill mosquitoes contain neurotoxins that can have harmful effects to humans, animals and insects that are necessary for our ecosystem to function properly, like bees, birds, and fish.

Clean Air Mosquito Control is proud to use natural products to control ticks and mosquitoes that are both safe and effective.

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How Do Our Methods Work?

Our all-natural products and application methods get rid of both ticks and mosquitoes. In addition, our services repel many other pesky creatures, too. Did you know garlic, at certain concentrations is a natural slug repellant. Also, bunnies do not like the smell of garlic, so it keeps them away from your garden. In addition, cedarwood oil repels cockroaches, termites, beetles, fleas, silverfish, flies, moths and ants. Pests cannot build a resistance to our products as they are naturally repulsive to pests and affect them differently than chemical treatments.

If you are in the Roswell, Georgia area, and looking for more environmentally friendly applications that are safe for humans and pets while still being effective, contact us today for your free natural tick and mosquito control estimate.

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