Why Choose Natural Pest Control

Natural Pest Control Is Better

Why would someone choose chemicals over natural pest control if they knew both options would work? They wouldn’t, and we are hoping to educate people about why going the natural way is better.

Our top reasons to consider natural optionsnatural pest control

  1. There are many chemicals out there to get rid of pests and most of them are potentially very dangerous to humans, our pets and other wildlife. These chemicals are carcinogenic, affect the nervous system, the liver, thyroid, immune system, and the brain in humans. Some of these chemicals affect kids more than adults and are highly toxic to some wildlife like fish, amphibians and pollinators. In addition, these chemicals are one of the top environmental threats to children.
  2. Over time the chemical pesticides lose their effectiveness. The pests that survive, develop a resistance to them and pass the resistance on to their eggs. Because of this, the treatments eventually become ineffective. When you choose a natural oil-based method, it will be much more reliable and continue to work over time as these treatments cannot be resisted.
  3. Your landscape and lawn is another way you enjoy your property. It is great to not worry about mosquitos while you relax on your patio, BBQ with friends, or play with your kids. When you use chemicals to get rid of pests, these chemicals also land on all your plants, lawn and even gardens. Going with natural pest control will allow you to be at ease when you take a bite of that fresh tomato or see your kids and pooch rolling in the grass. Looking for organic lawn care, click here.
  4. Natural options are better for the environment. Go green and help your local air quality, waterway health and habitats for surrounding wildlife and pollinators. This is one way you can help reduce your carbon footprint.

Natural Pest Control – More Than Just Mosquitos and Ticks

We discuss mosquitos and ticks in depth as those are the two more dangerous pests. But, our natural way of ridding and repelling those also do the same with other potential pests you may deal with. We use two main bases in our treatments, cedarwood and garlic.  Cedar oils also repel cockroaches, termites, carpet beetles, fleas, mites, silverfish, flies, moths and ants. Garlic will keep bunnies away from from your garden and also repel slugs, aphids, whiteflies, ticks, fleas, moles, Japanese beetles and more. Our natural methods are non-toxic and will not harm your family, pets or wildlife.