Natural Mosquito Control

Our natural mosquito control is effective at ridding of and repelling mosquitoes around your entire property for almost a full month!

While we all enjoy spending time with our family, pets and friends in our yards, no one likes dealing with mosquitoes. They are pesky, they bite and cause irritation. They even could transmit harmful disease to both humans and pets. There are different things we do to attempt to repel mosquitoes including stinky bug spray, mosquito repelling bracelets (let’s face it these don’t really work), or even having a service fog chemicals around the property.

Why Natural Mosquito Control?

While every yard is different and may have different environments within them, we can solve your mosquito issues naturally. Yes, truly naturally. When you use a chemical mosquito company, you are having your property fogged with, well, chemicals that include toxic pesticides harmful to pets and humans, and wildlife even after dried. Birds may be harmed when eating bugs that have been in contact, too. Our natural mosquito control methods are effective, safe and do not include chemical reproduction of natural products (other companies call natural) or toxic chemicals. The effectiveness of our application strategy and garlic based products work for a full 3 weeks and start to wear off in the 4th week. We recommend applications every 3 weeks. You may choose once a month, and as long as you are okay with a few mosquitoes in that last week, we are happy to do that.

How Does It Work?

Our products are garlic based. With our concentration and application methods, we kill and repel mosquitoes and ticks as effectively as traditional mosquito control.

natural mosquito control

Did you know garlic is very toxic to mosquitoes in any life stage? Also, they can smell garlic 10,000 times better than humans? Once the solution is fogged or sprayed and a few minutes pass, humans can no longer detect the garlic odor. Mosquitoes sure can and stay away.

In addition, our natural mosquito control formula contains natural oils that plug any holes from which larvae use to breathe. This is an extra measure to prevent new mosquitoes from hatching in your yard. Another benefit to our eco-friendly solution is that while not being toxic to other creatures, it does repel fire ants, bunnies from gardens, and even yard grubs that may create brown sports. At times, we use the potent garlic concentrate along with a blend of essential oils such as cedarwood, lemongrass and rosemary.

Clean Air Mosquito Control

We are dedicated to keeping your lawn healthy and beautiful for your family to enjoy. Having mosquitoes in your yard can deter you from having a BBQ with your friends and family, playing catch or other fun games in your yard. Clean Air Mosquito Control treatments will encourage the backyard fun you want without harming your family, pets or friendly birds, bees, ladybugs and butterflies.

Are you looking for additional natural services for your property? If so, check out Clean Air Lawn Care for organic fertilizations, treatments and solar-powered lawn maintenance. Check to see if there is a location near you!