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Clean Air Mosquito Control Chelmsford is a natural pest control service. We provide residents and small businesses in the Chelmsford, Lowell, Westford and surrounding areas with high quality tick and mosquito control. Our products are not just effective; they’re safe for you, your family and your pets.

Natural Mosquito & Tick Control in Chelmsford

Chelmsford tick control

Dangers of Ticks

Ticks are common in moist, grassy and wooded areas, and are of particular concern around Chelmsford in the spring and summer. Ticks in Massachusetts can carry diseases such as Lyme Disease and Powassan Virus. They can quickly attach to shoes, clothes and pets while outside. If you find one on your body or on the body of a family member or pet, you can have it tested to see if it’s a carrier for serious disease, but this can be costly and stressful while you wait for results. You’re better off preventing ticks from thriving and attaching in the first place. Choosing a natural pest control, like Clean Air Mosquito Control, can keep them out of your yard.

Massachusetts is primarily home to two types of ticks: the Dog Tick and the Deer Tick (or Black-legged Tick), the latter of which is a carrier of Lyme Disease. Lone Star Ticks are more rare, but can also be present. The State of Massachusetts offers an informative website about ticks in our state, along with facts and resources about these potentially serious insects. What’s most important to know? Ticks can be a persistent pest in your lawn that can cause serious illness to you, your family or your pets.

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Dangers of Mosquitoes

There are 52 species of mosquitoes found in Massachusetts, primarily seen at dusk and dawn, and especially around moist or wet areas. The type varies depending on whether it’s spring, summer or fall (winters are generally too cold for these small pests). Mosquitoes aren’t just annoying, they can be dangerous carriers of many serious diseases, including West Nile Virus and Eastern Equine Encephalitis (despite its name, this type of encephalitis can affect all kinds of mammals—including humans—not just horses).

These predatory pests that suck blood from mammals are a serious problem in Massachusetts and many other states, and can be very stubborn in occupying an infested an area.

Chelmsford mosquito control

Why Choose Natural Methods?

Traditional pest control chemicals used for ticks and mosquitoes have the potential to harm humans (especially children) and pets. While they kill the targeted bugs, they can also kill much-needed pollinators like honey bees and even birds, which help keep our ecosystem balanced. These highly toxic chemicals can cause a host of dangerous problems and illnesses, from skin burns to cancer, with many others in between.

The other challenge of traditional chemicals in mosquito and tick control is pest resilience and adaptation. Over time, bugs and insects adapt to the chemicals we use on them, making them less and less effective because as they develop a resistance. Eventually, conventional treatments are ineffective while also carrying dangers humans and pets.

Natural pest control is a better, more effective solution for the environment, the ecosystem, and for endangered pollinators like honey bees. These products are also better for the people who live and work around treatment areas, namely you and your family, your pets, and the people who work in the pest control industry.

It is possible to reduce and eliminate dangerous ticks and mosquitoes in your yard and enjoy a beautiful, safe lawn and garden!

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Natural Mosquito and Tick Control Products … and More

While we focus on mosquitoes and ticks, Our Chelmsford Mosquito Control product’s main base is cedarwood and garlic. The oil in cedar is also a natural repellent for cockroaches, termites, beetles, fleas, silverfish, flies, moths and ants. Garlic will also help keep bunnies away from your garden while repelling slugs, aphids, whiteflies, ticks, fleas, moles, Japanese beetles and more. This works on the natural repellant instinct in the bug—it isn’t something they adapt to over time.

Natural mosquito and tick control is both safe and effective. If you’re also looking for organic lawn care, visit Clean Air Lawn Care to learn more.

If you are in the Chelmsford, Massachusetts area and want a safer, natural service to help control ticks and mosquitoes in your yard, contact us today for a free quote.

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