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Our Charlotte natural mosquito control and tick control services are safe for your family and pets. Clean Air Mosquito Control services both residential and commercial properties in the Charlotte area. Our mosquito and tick control products are not just effective; they are safe for you, your family, your pets and our environment.

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The Dangers of Ticks in North Carolina

The dog tick, the Lone Star tick, and the blacklegged tick, also called a deer tick are the three ticks that can often be found in the properties of North Carolina homeowners. These ticks all have the opportunity to carry tick-borne illness. The good news is there are ways to keep yourself, pets and family safe. When you keep a groomed lawn and use a natural tick control service, these dangerous pests will have a lot harder of a time entering your home and lawn. If you do get bitten and catch it early, antibiotics should do the trick. The NC Health Department describes symptoms of most North Carolina tick-borne bacteria. “Most tick-borne illnesses are characterized by a rash, fever and flu-like symptoms, including fever, headache muscle aches and joint pain.” If you would like more information on ticks in North Carolina, there is a great article on

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Dangers of Mosquitoes in North Carolina

When temperatures reach a consistent 50 degrees, mosquito eggs start hatching. Mosquito season in Charlotte begins in April and extends until October. During this time the mosquito problems in Charlotte , and all of North Carolina are high. With the warm and humid climate in the summer months, Charlotte offers hospitality to these little blood suckers.

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There are five main mosquitos that torture neighborhoods in Charlotte and all of which can carry disease. most of the time a mosquito bite will create a red bump that is itchy and irritating, but in other cases, the “bug bite” can cause serious illness with symptoms including confusion and an array of flu-like symptoms. If you experience this after a mosquito bite, contact your health provider.

There are many ways to keep mosquitoes out of your property. First, make sure all standing water is removed from your yard. This includes cleaning the gutters and making sure water isn’t resting in hose creases or toys. In addition, keep your yard well-maintained. This will take away shady and untouched areas around bushes and on the ground. If you are also looking for an organic and sustainable option for you yard care, contact Clean Air Lawn Care.

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Why Choose Charlotte Natural Tick & Mosquito Control?

natural Charlotte mosquito controlMany of the chemicals used in conventional pest control are harmful to humans, our pets, and pollinators that help keep our ecosystem healthy. These highly toxic chemicals can cause a lot of different problems, ranging from minor to fatal.

Bugs and insects are extremely adept at adapting to whatever we throw at them. Over time, traditional chemicals used to control ticks and mosquitoes become less effective. Those that survive, pass on their acquired changes to their eggs. Eventually, these toxic chemicals become less effective for mosquitoes, yet are still very dangerous to humans, our pets and the beneficial wildlife around us. Pests and bugs are naturally turned off by the presence of certain natural oils and do not build resistance toward them.

You can reduce and eliminate dangerous ticks and mosquitoes in your yard and enjoy a beautiful, safe lawn and garden. Natural methods of Charlotte mosquito control can be both safe and effective. Contact us today for your free quote!

If you’re also looking for organic lawn care, visit Clean Air Lawn Care to learn more.