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Whether you love fishing, boating, golfing, or just being outside in nature, you know our beautiful Lake Murray offers something for everyone. But Chapin’s waterside location means the potential for a lot of mosquitoes. Clean Air Mosquito Control is a natural tick and mosquito control business that serves homes and businesses in Irmo, Ballentine and Chapin, South Carolina. We pride ourselves on safe, effective mosquito and tick control methods.

Mosquitoes & Ticks: A Year-Round Problem in South Carolina

Ticks around Lake Murray

Ticks are a growing problem in the Chapin and Lake Murray area. Common to moist, grassy, and bushy areas, pests are a year-round issue in South Carolina, where the climate stays moderate all year. There are five types of ticks in South Carolina, and all of them can carry disease, some of them serious, like Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. They can attach to your shoes, socks, clothes or pets almost immediately and without you knowing, as soon as you step outside.

Ticks are insidious – they can feed on their host for a long time without you knowing they are there. That’s why it’s important to do a tick check on you, your family, and your pets frequently when outside or have been outside. You should also understand how to properly remove a tick so that if you find one that has attached to you or someone you love, you can remove it entirely.

Reducing and eliminating ticks in your yard is an important step to keeping you, your family and pets safe. However, conventional yard treatments to eliminate ticks can include harmful chemicals that not only kill ticks but can be a danger to you and your family.

It is absolutely possible to treat ticks with natural treatment methods that are completely safe and effective. That’s what we do at Clean Air Mosquito Control.

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Mosquito Problems in South Carolina

There are over 60 types of mosquitoes in South Carolina. They don’t just cause painful, itchy bites—they can also carry some serious illnesses like West Nile Virus and Eastern Equine Encephalitis (“EEE”), La Cross Encephalitis and even dog/cat Heartworm. Standing water is a magnet breeding ground for mosquitoes. Our proximity to Lake Murray makes Chapin particularly susceptible to swarms of mosquitoes, especially at dawn, dusk and twilight.

The state has identified Lake Murray as one of the more aggressive areas where mosquitoes bite humans. The state’s Department of Health and Environmental Control has outlined guidelines to try to work with residents on avoiding or eliminating breeding sites for mosquitoes.

Reducing and eliminating mosquitoes from your Chapin home is an important step in helping to keep the mosquito population under control and to keep your family safe from these blood-sucking, disease-carrying insects. Many conventional chemicals used in mosquito control can be hazardous. They can be unsafe to the person applying them and to your family. Clean Air Mosquito Control uses natural products that are both safe and effective in eliminating mosquitoes from your property.

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Why Choose A Natural Tick and Mosquito Control Company?

While we applaud everyone who works on their homes and lawns themselves to keep Chapin beautiful, the diseases mosquitoes and ticks carry can cause very serious illness. Using a professional company to address, reduce and eliminate ticks and mosquitoes in your yard is the safer choice.

pet safe Chapin Mosquito ControlTraditional pest control chemicals are certainly effective in killing the bugs they target, but they can also kill earth’s necessary pollinators such as birds and honey bees. Without them, our ecosystem is out of balance, and that affects every living thing—even humans. Further, many of these chemicals are highly toxic and can cause everything from contact burns to cancer, with many other diseases and illnesses in between.

Secondly, bugs are smart. If you have treated your lawn in the past using conventional chemicals, you may be fighting a losing battle by continuing to use the same treatments. Pests are incredibly resilient and eventually adapt to these chemicals and build up a resistance, making them less effective. All you’re left with is the potential risk of illness to you and your pets, and still have plenty of ticks and mosquitoes.

Clean Air Mosquito Control offers safe, natural pest control. It’s better for you, your family and your pets. Additionally, it is safe for pollinators and is effective on the pests you’re targeting.

What Products Do We Use For Natural Tick & Mosquito Control?

With our formulation of natural products, we not only repel ticks and mosquitoes, we repel a number of other bugs, insects and animals. The garlic oil we use can also help keep rabbits out of your garden and is a natural slug repellant which will leave your precious plants healthier. The cedarwood oil in our mix acts as a natural repellent for cockroaches, termites, beetles, fleas, silverfish, flies, moths and ants. This is an inherent repellant in each bug, not something they will adapt to over time.

With mild weather all year, it’s always a good time to treat your yard. If you are in the Irmo, Ballentine or Chapin, South Carolina area, contact us today for a free quote on safer, effective Chapin mosquito control, tick control and other pets too!

Looking for completely safe, natural services for your lawn, too? Check out our organic, all-electric, quieter and safe lawn care business, Clean Air Lawn Care.

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